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Stories from the front lines

All across our city people are stepping up to help each other at the first signs of overdose, they are working together to stop the mounting death toll and to be there for each other. Many are putting themselves on the front lines of the crisis because they want to help, and they refuse to stand by and watch someone die. 

On Friday, the federal government announced $65 million dollars to support communities struggling with the opioid crisis, but they have yet to make a strategy, or come up with ideas for how to help.

This is our chance to tell our stories, to let the government know what support we need to start turning the tide.

To help create a strong collective response the BCGEU is calling an EMERGENCY MEETING at the Vancouver public library for all who find themselves on the front lines of this crisis to come and share their stories and experiences.

This is an important opportunity to provide feedback that will be sent to senior levels of government so that we can get the right kind of support ASAP.

Dinner will be provided at 5:30 and all are welcome to attend.

Community expert panel:

Al Fowler - President of BCAPOM - The British Columbia Association for People on Methadone

Mathew Johnston - Professional firefighter in Surrey and registered clinical counsellor specializing in trauma from Centered Lifestyle Services

Munroe Craig & Cameron Schwartz - from Karmik, a west coast Harm Reduction organization.

February 27, 2017 at 6:00pm
Vancouver Public LIbrary
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Will you come?